“There is power in numbers and there is power in unity.”

                                                                                                                                                                      Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Let’s unite in great number.

Deeside Against Pylons (DAP) is a campaigning group set up to combat an ill-conceived, catastrophic proposal to erect monstrously high pylons carrying high voltage transmission cables through the North East of Scotland using 1920 technology to meet a 2024 challenge.  DAP has one objective:  No Pylons.  Not through these communities.  Not anywhere.  This is not nimbyism.  It’s nobyism.  No one’s back yard.

We are advocating to have these transmission cables go underground or subsea as our European counterparts are doing investing in existing, innovative technology in parallel with a national pride in their environments and a respect for their communities.

Three things lacking in SSEN’s approach: investment, national pride and respect.

It is important to show up in numbers at the SSEN consultation meetings and voice your concerns. Deeside Against Pylons will also arrange information sessions and share updates to help make this process more transparent.

There are several parts to this project and consultation. Please keep in touch to stay updated on the meetings and consultation deadlines to make our opposition seen and heard!

You don’t have to be a resident in a community consultation area to oppose so please encourage others to send their emails too. Every email helps build our opposition.

  • We support the UK’s net zero ambitions but believe they should not be achieved by sacrificing Scotland’s natural environment or the health and wellbeing of Scottish families. 
  • We believe we should underground or offshore these connections to protect our health and these areas of natural beauty.
  • These mega-pylons are 70m high, double the height of standard pylons.
  • This plan is not for the benefit of Scotland. Instead it will industrialise the Scottish countryside to 9 X Scotland’s power demand to the rest of the UK.

Latest News and Events

Come see us at our stand at the Echt Show on Saturday 13th July.


We will also have a stand at the Banchory show on Saturday 27th July.
We look forward to seeing you at either or both shows where you can hear updates on our ongoing battle against plyons and raise any concerns or questions you may have.
There will also be an opportunity to take part in our on stand buzzer game and to donate towards this extremely worthy cause.

Welcome to Deeside Against Pylons Summer 2024 Photography Competition.


To celebrate the beauty of Deeside and the North East of Scotland we are launching this FREE to enter photo competition. The competition is open to anyone who loves our magnificent countryside, including residents current and past, friends and family, tourists etc. We are particularly looking for photographs taken within the Kintore to Tealing area (TKUP) These inland areas of Aberdeenshire and down through Angus will be hugely affected by SSEN’s plans to erect monstrously high pylons along the route.


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